Effective medicines against alcohol dependence

Alcoholism is a disease that requires complex treatment.

Getting rid of drunkenness is possible due to therapy with drugs. What is the medicine for alcohol, we will consider further.

Drugs against alcoholism: 1st group

In modern medicine, there are three types of drugs against alcoholism. The purpose of this or that drug depends on the degree of dependence on alcohol. So, the first group includes drugs that facilitate the state of a hangover (withdrawal syndrome)

drugs against alcoholism medichronalOf course, the drugs of this group cannot be considered in the literal sense of the word anti-alcohol. They are aimed only at alleviating the state of a person after uncontrolled drinking, in other words, they remove hangover syndrome.

What drugs belong to this group:

Medichronal, Alka-Seltzer, which are very well known. You can also include "Cytoflavin", Paracetamol, Aspirin.

These drugs work as follows: by helping to reduce the impact of alcohol on the body, they improve metabolic processes, increase the activity of the cerebral cortex. This prevents the harmful effects of toxins on the liver, heart and other organs. In addition, for example, the producers of "Medichronal" claim that the drug is able to prevent the development of alcoholism and suppress cravings for alcohol. The drug is most effective if you drink a pill before a feast because the medicine taken after drinking drastically loses its effectiveness.

Alka-Seltzer is a remedy that has an analgesic effect during a hangover. The composition includes aspirin, which proves the advisability of taking conventional aspirin tablets.

These drugs ease a person's condition, but in no way treat alcoholism. It should be borne in mind that all these drugs are combating the symptoms of uncontrolled drinking, but not with its causes. Namely in the reasons lies the problem of alcoholism.

The 2nd group includes drugs that reduce the craving for alcohol

Preparations of this group are popular in Europe and the US, but in the CIS countries, they have not proven effective. In addition, most of the drugs belonging to this group are not even registered and are very expensive, which also does not contribute to their spread. There are also Russian analogs.

"Proproten-100" is declared as a drug for the treatment of a disease, which reduces the withdrawal syndrome, and reduces the desire to drink. The main condition is to drink the whole course. In addition, this drug reduces the amount of alcohol consumed, if you drink tablets before the feast.

Also, the drug "Vivitrol" is also popular. Its effect is that as soon as the tablets enter the blood and brain, the state of euphoria that accompanies intoxication is blocked. As a result, the very meaning for which a person drinks, disappears.

Patients also use other drugs for this purpose. So, "Furazolidone" and "Metronidazole" completely change metabolic processes, "Emetine" causes terrible vomiting after drinking alcohol, and nicotinic acid provokes muscle spasms and spasms of the cardiovascular system.

The third group includes drugs that cause alcohol intolerance

Preparations of this group are designed specifically for the treatment of alcoholism, and therefore are the most in demand when it comes to treating the disease, and not just about relieving the severe condition. Next, consider in more detail the drugs that belong to this group.

Preparations of the aversion group: "Disulfiram" and its analogs

A group of drugs that are designed to treat alcoholism, called aversive. This group includes: "Disulfiram" (analogs: Antabuse, Teturam, Abstinil), Esperal, Tetlong-250, and Kolme.

"Disulfiram" (analogues: "Antabuse", "Teturam", "Abstinil").

The drug has proved to be very effective against drunkenness. It blocks enzymes that are responsible for the breakdown in blood alcohol. As a result, the alcohol that a person consumed breaks up in his blood into acetaldehyde. It is a toxic, toxic substance that causes terrible vomiting, nausea, panic attacks, increased palpitation, headache and other phenomena that a person is unlikely to want to experience again.

The action of the drug is such that a person simply can not drink alcohol, because after that it becomes so bad that the process of drinking becomes meaningless.

It is interesting that the drug was tested even under the Soviet Union, when there were medical and labor dispensaries where alcoholics were sent. There they were given this medicine in combination with alcohol. As a result, people came out from there who could not endure not that taste, but even the smell and type of alcohol. At the same time, such a reaction faded with time and relapses were observed.

Despite the sufficient effectiveness of the drug, it should be used only in short courses, because the drug is quite hard in relation to the liver and nervous system, it can even provoke the development of psychosis. In addition, this drug can not be used without the knowledge of the patient, and people who once tried to use the therapy "Disulfiram", as a rule, do not want such a repetition.


It is an analog of "Disulfiram", but this drug was produced in France. It costs more, but in relation to the human body is more loyal: due to better cleaning the medicine does not give such severe side effects. In the rest - a complete analog of the domestic medicine.


A complex drug that consists of "Disulfiram" and vitamins (nicotinamide and adenine). Vitamins play an important role: they somewhat reduce the toxicity of the drug, thereby making it not so aggressive with respect to the nervous system. The drug is an analog of the usual "Disulfiram", but the difference is that it is more easily tolerated by the body.

All these preparations are in the form of tablets. The course of treatment, duration, and dosage is prescribed only by a doctor, since the medications are very aggressive.

Preparations of the aversion group "Kolme" and "Tetlong-250"

The following two drugs are available in the form of solutions: one for ingestion, the second for intramuscular administration.


This drug was produced in Spain. It is available in the form of a solution for drinking. It also causes alcohol intolerance due to the active substance cyanamide (not to be confused with cyanide!). The reactions that Kolma causes when alcohol is consumed are slightly softer than those that appear due to the disulfiram course, but are quite sufficient to cause a persistent aversion to alcohol.

The advantage of the medicine is that it is nontoxic in relation to the body and can be taken up to six months without experiencing health. Therapy can be carried out and without the knowledge of the alcoholic, since the medicine has neither taste nor color, in contrast to the metallic taste of "Disulfiram", which alerts any person. Minus this drug has only one - its cost. But otherwise it can be considered a leader: it is effective and safe. It is included in various programs for the treatment of alcoholism in Europe and the United States, and in Spain it is the most effective medicine.


This is a solution for intramuscular injection. This drug is nothing but an analog of Disulfiram, but which is very slowly absorbed. It is easier to tolerate than the analog in tablets, but all the main drawbacks - extremely severe reaction to alcohol, toxicity to the body - remain. Another advantage of "Tetlong" is that it is effective in the treatment of drug addiction. The downside is that it is very expensive and sometimes it is difficult to buy.

Once again, several important points should be noted. Firstly, you should understand that there is no such miracle cure that will forever get rid of alcoholism. Treatment of this disease gives an effect in an integrated approach, which includes not only medical treatment, but in some cases, psychotherapy, etc.

No matter how wonderful a medicine seems to you, do not prescribe medication for yourself or a close person who is addicted. This is the prerogative of a narcologist. Only he will be able to select a competent, adequate treatment, the optimal duration of the course, dosages, etc. you must understand that a person without special education and experience can not do it. Such an initiative you only harm the body. If you want to conduct a course of alcoholism medication without the knowledge of the patient, consult a narcologist, he will help to find the best way out of the situation.

Folk remedies against alcohol dependence

You can resort to folk remedies that help get rid of an addiction. A few simple recipes:

  • 3 tablespoons herb thyme pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, let it brew for 1 hour. Take 0.5 tbsp. before eating;
  • 3 tablespoons herb thyme pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, soak 15 minutes in a water bath. Strain, add water until the original volume is obtained. Take 0.5 tbsp. before eating;
  • 3 tablespoons herb St. John's wort pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, soak 15 minutes in a water bath. Strain, add water until the original volume is obtained. Take 0.5 tbsp. before eating;
  • for 1 hour you need to give the patient to eat 6 tsp. honey and repeat this way 3 times. In total, 18 spoonfuls will be obtained. After 2 hours repeat the procedure. To conduct a course of 2 days. Honey will fill the deficit of potassium, which is observed in all alcoholics.

Treatment with folk remedies requires patience, and any course lasts at least 2 weeks. In any case, before applying this or that method, consult a narcologist.

ATTENTION! The information published in the article is for informational purposes only and is not an instruction for use. Be sure to consult with your doctor!