What is an Antabuse reaction?

Alcoholism is one of the most horrific diseases that humanity has ever overtaken. This is a grave affliction, during which an individual turns into something that only remotely resembles a person. You can talk endlessly about the dangers of alcoholism. And all that is said will be true. However, this is not the issue.

alcohol antabuse reaction

The thing is that alcohol dependence entails a large number of side illnesses, syndromes, like no other disease. And one of such consequences of alcoholism can be an Antabuse reaction. What is it? And what are its manifestations?

Alcohol-Antabuse reaction: description

This manifestation in the patient appears against the background of alcoholism and represents a whole series of reactions. Among these manifestations are tremor of hands, excessive or too low blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. But there are not only physical but also mental reactions.

For example, a patient experiences fear of death, shows depressive moods.

fear of death after antabuse

Along with this, there is an alarm, a persecution mania. anxiety, hallucinations, blurred consciousness, impaired coordination and motor activity, unreasonable and violent aggression. The alcoholic may look awkward as if trying to escape somewhere, but he only has to rush from side to side. This is connected with the emerging disorientation in space.

All this happens from the reception of the Antabuse. This drug, which is prescribed to people who suffer from alcohol dependence. The action of the Antabuse is aimed at the development of persistent alcohol intolerance, when the patient experiences colossal discomfort from the smell and taste of alcoholic beverages.

How can you cope with the Antabuse reaction?

Elimination of the reaction of the alcoholic

For a start, it is necessary to cancel the use of this medicine as soon as possible. Also additionally appointed Aminazine, which is administered intramuscularly or by means of a dropper.

This condition of the patient will stop exactly when the given medicament is completely removed from the body. To do this, you can double the dose of Aminazine, but only if the decision is made by the attending physician.

Along with the Aminazine, the patient must prescribe drugs to support the cardiovascular system, since it suffers very strongly in the Antabuse reaction. In addition, it is necessary to prescribe a number of vitamins. These include vitamin C and B vitamins.

A person suffering from an antagonistic reaction must necessarily be under the supervision of a narcologist in the inpatient treatment regime. The specialist will also prescribe another therapy for the treatment of alcohol dependence.

Thus, the Antabuse reaction is a series of severe consequences in the body of the alcoholic who takes the Antabuse. It is important to understand that both these conditions require close attention from both the close alcoholic and the medical side.