Who is an alcoholic: the symptoms of alcoholism

In infrequent cases, a person can recognize himself as an alcoholic. When this concept is mentioned, an image of an inadequate person with a disorder of the nervous psyche that has many social problems arises in the head. In the public consciousness, the alcoholic looks like a dirty and unshaven man, who has lost his status in society.

Who is an alcoholic

Such cases today are not uncommon. However, this is, rather, the last stage of alcoholism. Such a person has greatly degraded. The vast majority of men who love to drink are those who have a normal family, work, relationships with friends. People simply abuse alcohol and think that it does not hurt.

In this situation, there is either an initial or a subsequent stage of alcoholism. It is necessary for a person to understand this problem. In men who have a habit of drinking, there are no significant changes in behavior, as in alcoholics of the last stage. A man should understand that he should stop using alcohol, because this will be followed by a number of changes in the body, and in his life. If a person ignores an addiction, irreversible changes in the psyche may occur. Alcoholism is important to eliminate at the initial stage.

If a drinking person at the initial stage of alcoholism is able to realize his problem, he has every chance of recovery. It will be possible to prevent all the negative consequences of drinking. It is necessary to distinguish two concepts: alcoholism and domestic drunkenness. It is also important to remember that these values cannot be synonymous.

Differences between a domestic drunkard and an alcoholic

Household drunkenness is much easier in terms of severity. This means that a person is accustomed to drinking every day, every other day, every 3 days, but at any time can get rid of this habit. Domestic drunkenness may be due to certain "traditions" in the family or in a particular collective. This phenomenon can be called a way of life. Domestic drunkenness is a process that can be easily prevented, the main thing is to have a desire and an incentive. A person does not feel the "breaking" of alcohol. However, domestic drunkenness can develop into alcoholism. This, as a rule, occurs with time.

Alcoholic or Not?

Domestic drunkenness is not a disease, unlike alcoholism.

Alcoholism requires immediate intervention by specialists. This phenomenon can be regarded as a disease. The alcoholic can not abruptly stop the consumption of alcohol, even if he has a desire. This became his habit. Moreover, it is impossible to regulate the consumption of alcohol. When you stop drinking, your body begins to get frustrated. With ordinary household drunkenness, this does not happen.

Alcoholism is a dangerous progressive disease. And domestic drunkenness is a bad habit, which you can still get rid of. Alcoholism has clinical consequences. In the future, there is a complete degradation of the personality. Alcoholism carries with it grave consequences, which destroy the psychic side of a person. This disease has one variety, which can be called benign. At a typical alcoholism, it is known, through what time interval at the patient there are physical and mental illnesses.

What is normal alcoholism and what are its signs?

It is believed that the typical alcoholism can be easily recognized even without being a medic. As for benign, it should be noted that not everyone knows about this type of alcoholism, but only specialists. Benign alcoholism is typical for those who succeed in life or for people who experience severe stress every day.

The main sign of benign alcoholism is that a person continues to work, does not cause moral harm to others, successfully develops in their activities. Wife, as a rule, does not reproach for alcohol. The drinker himself believes that it is impossible to drink without his activities. A person drinks quite often in the company of friends, colleagues. People from his entourage are also subject to this addiction, but no one recognizes this. To attribute them to the number of alcoholics would be incorrect.

Symptoms in this manifestation are different than in usual alcoholism. However, we should not forget that this manifestation is also alcoholism, but in a different form. If a person begins to abuse alcohol, you should know that in this case a benign alcoholic will have all the symptoms typical. Those who understand that from a domestic drunkard can turn into an alcoholic, you need to know the signs how to distinguish these 2 states.

So, who is an alcoholic and what are his main symptoms. Alcoholism always has a hangover. A person can wake up in the morning with such a feeling. A hangover is a characteristic condition for an alcoholic. This indicates that the disease is still in the second stage. It is necessary to know how the first manifests itself. Today, you can meet quite a few teenagers who abuse alcohol. If the alcoholic himself can not realize that he has an addiction, it is necessary to make him a native.

Female alcoholism

Women's alcoholism is also common. Many women have obvious signs of an alcoholic. Their faces have a characteristic appearance. The brain of a person who consumes alcohol cannot function fully. The last, most neglected is the third stage, but first of all, it passes through the 2nd stage. Women have recently started to drink often, and such alcoholism is not uncommon.

Womens alcoholism

Quite decent, respectable women can abuse alcohol. They have the same problem as men. Women also do not want to admit that they suffer from alcoholism, even if the ailment has long been formed. Narcologists can not conduct a survey of a person against his will. For this reason, it is impossible to clearly understand who is in front of you, a domestic drunkard or an alcoholic. A key step to solving the problem is its awareness. The drinker must understand that he needs to be examined.

Alcoholic sure that alcoholic beverages have some "magical properties", because they are able to relieve tension. That's why people drink alcohol: to cheer and relieve stress. Many men are inclined to think that it is better to drink vodka or cognac than to take tranquilizers. If everyday life is full of stress, and excessive psychological stress, there is a risk of becoming an alcoholic. Alcoholic drinks have a number of attractive properties. They really help a person to relax and get distracted from problems, at least for a while.

However, it should be remembered that the abuse of alcohol entails a number of physical and mental disorders.